Top 5 Events to Host on a Yacht

We are a society who loves to have celebrations. Any excuse we have to get our family, friends, and even coworkers together, we take advantage of it. There are thousands of locations around the country to host events of all sizes. From backyard BBQs for family reunions, to an elaborate, luxury hotel for the wedding of your dreams.

What all these venues lack, is an experience that doesn’t come from your average venues, which is why you should consider having your next event, no matter what it is, on a yacht. Having an event on a yacht can provide you and your guests with a once in a lifetime experience they will never forget, for a competitive price you would spend at other locations.

Many people assume that the beautiful, elaborate yachts cruising around the harbor are for celebrities or only the local elite, but in fact they offer the same amenities as any other location, plus so much more.

Not only does the water and skyline provide a beautiful backdrop for your festivities, it is likely something that your guests will experience once in their lifetime.  The yachts offer so much more than just a venue. They come as all-inclusive packages to make your planning as easy as possible for you. Whether you are planning a last minute get together for your family that’s visiting from out of state, or your wedding and reception for 300 of your closest family and friends, the process is so simple!

Our all-inclusive package starts with an event planner who is available for you to guide you through the planning process and help bring your visions to reality no matter the type of event you are throwing. Some of us, maybe in the corporate world, have very little time to throw together a special event for your loyal customers, yet you want to do something to thank them for their business.  Renting a private yacht in the Newport Harbor is a perfect solution for you!

The services include but are not exclusive to food and beverage, entertainment, marrying captains, photographers, videographers, florists, desserts, photo booth, and an on-board coordinator and staff to assist with set-up, clean-up and everything in between.

Having an event has never been so easy and your guests will be completely blown away. The events listed below are not only the most common types of events to host on a yacht, but also the most perfect fit for a harbor cruise.

Corporate Events

Think of how many times per year your company hosts an event. They could be disguised as meetings, team building, holiday parties, end of the year celebrations, award ceremonies, employee incentive programs, luncheons to impress your clients, or maybe something to treat your most loyal customers.

Having these on a yacht is a great way to get everyone out of the office and achieve what you are trying to do!  Plus, we are available during the day and in the evening so if you are trying to get something accomplished during office hours or after, we can accommodate you!

Our DJs provide a spectrum of entertainment services including screens and projectors to complete any meeting or award ceremony! Come sail around the harbor on a luxury yacht with food and beverages, treat your employees and client to a cruise they will never forget.


If you have been given the task of planning a reunion, whether it’s for family or even high school, let us help! Planning an event for hundreds of people can be overwhelming and tiresome. Our experienced professionals can help you plan every detail of your day. Our five yachts can accommodate a variety of group sizes and our food, beverage, and entertainment options will ensure you event goes smooth!

It can be difficult to get people to attend high school reunions, especially after 20+ years. But fortunately, by having it on luxury yacht sailing around the harbor, it surely will have everyone looking forward to it. If you are looking to get your family together, what a beautiful environment to gather in!


Any type of event where you are looking to get your family and friends together is perfect for a yacht. Packages start at 4 hours and can be customized to fit your needs. Just graduated high school? College? Planning to retire? Celebrating a big anniversary or want to renew your vows?? We know the perfect venue for you!!

Wedding & Reception

Having your wedding on a yacht has its obvious reasons of beauty and intimacy, but is also perfect for the wedding of your dreams because it is unique in nature and there is a deck for every aspect of your day. From a timeless ceremony space overlooking the harbor to a ravishing dining hall and stunning reception space, a yacht can accommodate all aspects of your day, no matter the size of your wedding.

In addition to an event planner who will ease your stress, we also provide a preferred vendor list to make the process even better for you. You don’t have to be a professional to have your wedding on a yacht!



No matter what age you are turning, our yachts are the perfect location for birthdays of all ages. Come celebrate a new year of life in a fashion you never have before. This will be a birthday your family and friends will not want to miss.

If you want appetizers only or a full buffet style dinner, we are here to service you and give you the birthday that blows all birthdays out of the water. Bar packages are also available for you!

Take your Quinceanera or Bar Mitzvah to the next level by having it on a yacht! These days, bar mitzvahs are taken as seriously as a wedding and having it on a yacht can fit that high standard!

A birthday on a yacht is a great option if you are planning your own birthday or a birthday for a loved one. It also makes the PERFECT surprise party because it’s something they will NEVER expect!


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